The Loves on Vacation | Bodega Bay

My family and I spent a few glorious days in Northern California's Bodega Bay over the holidays. The town is just small enough that you don't feel guilty choosing to curl up with a book inside instead of going out exploring. You look out at the view, drive around the bay, enjoy some good food, and you've done it. Our little getaway was the perfect combination of introspective relaxation and family time, and was a great reset before diving into the new year!


Bodega Bay Lodge – highly recommended! There are many rooms, but it's spread out and still manages to feel small. In-room fireplaces, excellent customer service, rustic feel, and wonderful views. With the hot tub, spa, complimentary cocktail hour, and great restaurant, I didn't ever feel pulled to leave!


Sonoma Canopy Tours – Before my mom treated us to spa treatments, my dad surprised us with a redwood forest zip-line adventure! We had an adrenaline- and fun-filled time thanks to the friendly and knowledge guides, well-organized program, and gorgeous vistas.


Howard Station Cafe (Occidental) – THE best breakfast restaurant I've ever been to, at least from a vegan point of view. But regardless, who doesn't love a place that serves their lattes in BOWLS and water in mason jars. The exterior is an old victorian house, and the interior has the colorful and eclectic decorations you can only find in a small town.

All images ©Jennifer Love.