Transitions | India YTT

Much has happened in the past few months! Last week I returned from three months in Rishikesh, India, where I trained to become a certified yoga teacher. I've never enjoyed talking about myself so I'll keep this brief and do my best to summarize.

This past New Years' Eve, I bought a plane ticket.
In January, I gave notice at my full-time job.
And in February I flew to India to join a 240-hour teacher training course.

After graduating, the school I was studying with asked me to stay and help in the next course, and before I knew it I was teaching classes to the next batch of yogis. It was an entirely unexpected experience, but I couldn't have planned it better that it fell together on it's own. I am now back in the Bay Area, embracing the transition into self-employment, pursuing opportunities shooting with local restaurants and teaching yoga.

I'll make a new site when I get my yoga teaching business up and running, but until then, shanti, namaste. :)

All images ©Jennifer Love.