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In California, it's no secret that we are spoiled with extremely temperate temperatures. We've grown to believe that there are about 15 livable degrees — anything below 65° or above 80° is grounds for complaint. In truth, the people that live here are the ones that have accepted a life in which January could be May could be August. We don't really have to compromise much based on the weather throughout the year, but also miss out on the joy of a fresh start in a new season. 

I've noticed that this is dangerous to my sense of time — when the year seems like one never-ending season, the months pass entirely too quickly and before you know it it's practically Thanksgiving even though I wore sandals today and drank a cold smoothie for breakfast.  Life is too short and the wisdom that comes with the changing seasons is too rich to miss out on.

So, in confluence with my growing interest in locally- and seasonally-grown produce, I've come to realize that one of the best ways we Californians can mark the change in seasons is through the fruits and vegetables we purchase and eat.

One of the (many) Love family traditions, begun long ago by my grandmother Love, has been to make and jar homemade applesauce each Fall. And so, in honor of her birthday (which happens to land on the Autumnal Equinox), today I'm honoring this ultimate Autumnal recipe and a true mark of the season — applesauce.

Here is a video I made in partnership with California Olive Ranch, demonstrating a quick and easy way to make cinnamon applesauce. This is loosely based on the recipe my grandma uses, though she will strain hers for a smoother sauce and often adds a squeeze of lemon. This version is incredibly easy and yields a thick sauce. Sweeten to your taste and served warm.

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